Sung Jae Son | Saxophone
Su Wuk Chung | Guitar, Sound FX
Yul Hee Kim | Voice, Gong
Soojin Suh | Drums
Alice Park 박정연



“The NEQ’s music opened a new epoch of music by combining jazz and Korean traditional music with outstanding creativity.”

- Korean Music Awards 


The NEQ consists of artists who have long been endeavoring after the musical combination of contemporary jazz and traditional Korean music. Instead of mere fusion or following the tradition, the band has been trying to suggest a new future-oriented model and created contemporary Korean music through the link of ‘improvisation’. In 2010, The NEQ released their 1st album “Chaosmos” right after founding the group. This album received critics’ acclaim for its new musical style, unique sound, and for opening a new prospect of Korean jazz as well as genre-defying musical diversity. With this album, The NEQ was selected for the 7th Performing Arts Market in Seoul PAMS Choice and had a showcase in 2011. Now this group is formed with the saxophonist Sung Jae Son and the guitarist Su Wuk Chung and the new generation virtuoso of Pansori; Korean traditional singer, Yul Hee Kim. Their 2nd album “Passing of Illusion”, released in October 2015, contains 9 tracks including modern interpretations of traditional Korean sound. With this album, The NEQ received the Best Crossover Album Award of Korean Music Awards.